Is this your Season?

If you are dreaming of updating your kitchen , bathroom or considering a complete interior remodeling, keep in mind the season that you are in which can help you save time, money, and hassles.  Here are some helpful hints to think about.

Remodeling in the Spring:  This is a good time to think of organizing, repairing, replacing, or adding.  How about, building decks or patios, installing new windows, adding  insulation.

Remodeling in the Summer:  This is a very popular season for home remodels.  Those wonderful sunny days are ideal for taking care of big projects but keep in mind that it can be harder to find availability of contractors. Regardless, there are many remodels to do during the summer, like remodeling while on vacation to avoid the challenges of any living conditions .  How about doing furnace repairs, fix or update fireplaces?

Remodeling in the Fall:  Although Spring rain can hinder the amount of remodeling projects, Falls is cooler and dryer and can make it an ideal time to renovate.   How about Landscaping, upgrading your appliances, keep in mind that retailers  are looking to get rid of the current models to make room for the new models.  Work on the maintenance of your air conditioner to make sure it’s ready for the next year. Also, remodeling attics and basements ,working on your exterior paint and roof repairs or updates, and new flooring?

Remodeling in the Winter: Cold whether can be ideal for several remodeling projects like planning decks and outdoor services, building foundations and additions, room remodels and Interior painting.


Have you been informed of  the Top 5 Home Improvements that are worth it and will add value to your home?

Kitchen Improvements

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Lighting Improvements

Energy Efficiency Improvements

Curb appeal Improvements

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